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2016 Online Seminar Webinar

2016 Online Seminar Webinar

The 2016 BFA Online Continuing Education Seminar Webinar will be presented live from the Northeast Ohio Balloon Pilots Association (NOBPA)'s continuing education (Balloonowledge 2016) seminar in Canton,...

February Quick Release Available

February Quick Release Available

The February 2016 Quick Release is now available. Go to Publications look under the heading "Monthly Quick Release E-Newsletter" for the current and past releases.  Or click HERE to go directly...

Take the Jump!

TRY A LONG JUMP THIS WINTER!     The BFA's Long Jump Committee have updated the rules for the 2015-2016 Long Jump Competition! The committee wanted to make the program more accessible...

Tarter family honored

Past President Sam Parks presented the Gary Tarter family with the BFA's President's Award in appreciation of their benevolence to the BFA. Gary was a beloved member of the Balloon Federation of America,...

Bussey and Padelts win Shields-Trauger Awards

Two Shields-Trauger awards were announced at the BFA's Annual General Meeting. This special award (Balloon Federation of America highest) is for an active balloonist(s) with special contribution...

2015 Director's Awards

Dominic Padilla Wins National Crew Award

Ed Yost Master Pilot Awards Presented

View Annual Meeting LIVE!

Meet With Us at 2015 Fiesta

2015 Election Results

2015 Great Eastern Balloon Camp was Terrific!

2015 High Sierra Camp Success

2015 Election Candidates Announced

Take a 2015 Safety Seminar On-Line

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Hot Air Competition Division

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2016 Simplified HACD Rules

  The HACD Board has approved a simplified set of competition rules for use in events submitting scores for the NEL.

2015 NEL System Finalized

  The 2015 BFA HACD National Eligibility List system is now final. As of 1/28/16 all queries have been received and answered. The HACD is pleased to announce the winners of the $5,000 ranking list...

2016 US Nationals Invitation and Application

The National Eligibility List has been finalized as of January 28th and the 2016 US Nationals invitation order has been prepared and is available here.

2016 National Eligibility List Task Results

The following is a list of events approved for inclusion in the 2016 BFA HACD National Eligibility List System.

2016 Women's International Eligibility List

The HACD Board has prepared the Women's IEL for 2016.

2016 HACD Competition Rules & Regulations

HACD Officers for 2016

HACD Annual Awards

Interested in Hosting the US Nationals?

Back to Back, Johnny Petrehn Wins Title #3 in Longview!

HACD Meeting and Open Forum at US Nationals

2015 US Nationals Rules and Map files

2015 US Nationals Pilot List 7/1

2015 Nationals Maps

2015 US Nationals Applications Received

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Gas Division

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2014 Gordon Bennett Race Results

2014 Gordon Bennett Race Results

2014 Gordon Bennett Results2014 Gordon Bennett Results

2014 Gordon Bennett Event Rules

2014 RULES & REGULATIONS 58ème COUPE AÉRONAUTIQUE GORDON BENNETT FAI World Long Distance Gas Balloon Championship     2014_Gordon_Bennett_Rules.pdf

US Teams Announced for the 58th Gordon Bennett Race

  The 2014 US Representatives for the 58th Gordon Bennett Race have been announced! You can learn more about the 2014 Gordon Bennett Race at:  http://www.gordonbennett2014.org/Home.html The...

Types of Gas Balloon Landings

The following is an excerpt from: Flying - The memoirs of Emilio Herrera. "During this period I made numerous balloon ascents (about seventy), some "Comfortable" (without overturning the basket", some...

Flying in a Gas Balloon

Perhaps the most thrilling of all aeronautic sports is free ballooning. The feeling one has, as the earth rapidly drops away from the ascending balloon, is one that cannot be described in words. The...

Gas Ballooning Links

Gas Rating Requirements

Important Dates in Gas Ballooning History

Who Invented the Gas Balloon?

Gas Division Board Members

Join the Gas Division

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Professional Ride Operators Division

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New Division Name - P.R.O.

New Division Name - P.R.O.

Hello Balloon Ride Operators!  The Balloon Ride Operator’s Division of the BFA has officially changed to Professional Ride Operators, The board feels the name change will better suit and explain...

BROD Benefits

BROD Benefits

 Learn about the benefits of joining the ride operators.     Benefits of membership for balloon ride operators: Exclusivity – Represent yourself and your company as the...

Ride Operators Registration Open

The newly-formed BFA Balloon Ride Operators Division (BROD) is now registering members. Visit their website for more information at BFA Balloon Ride Operators Division

Written by Shelley Caraway   
Friday, 12 January 2007 09:12


It is my pleasure on behalf of the Balloon Federation of America Youth Programs to announce that the tradition of awarding scholastic achievement scholarships will be continuing during 2008/2009! The BFA Scholarship Program is proud to provide the opportunity to eligible BFA Hi-Flyers for financial assistance towards educational opportunities in aviation as well as college or trade school.
Four scholarships are available:

1) The Bill Murtorff Aviation Education Scholarship will be awarded annually. The deadline for applications is July 1, 2009. The scholarship recipient will be announced and funds disbursed during October 2009. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist with the financial support for the BFA Hi-Flyer to attend a Part 141 Flight Training School. Amount of award will not exceed  $500.00.

*Recipient must currently hold a student pilot certificate and be actively pursuing a private pilot lighter-than-air certificate. Recipient must be a Hi-Flyer with membership current at time of application and award

2) The Balloon Federation of America Scholastic Scholarship
will also be awarded annually. The deadline for applications is July 1, 2009. Scholarship recipient will be announced and funds disbursed during October 2009. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist with the financial support of a BFA Hi-Flyer pursuing an associate or bachelor degree. Amount of award will not exceed $500.00.

3) Earl MacPherson Memorial Scholarship.The Earl MacPherson Memorial Scholarship will support young balloon enthusiasts seeking to expand their piloting and academic knowledge by permitting them to attend camps, piloting seminar and ground school opportunities, or college. Click here for details.

4) Stephen Lachendro Memorial Scholarship. Any teen interested in attending the Balloon Federation of America hotair balloon camps may apply. Click here for details.

General Scholarship Guidelines

  Document achievements while involved in ballooning

  Submit a grade report from the current school year

  Document involvement in school or civic activities outside of ballooning

  Write an essay explaining why you are a good candidate to receive the Bill Murtorff Scholastic Scholarship.

  Document any extenuating circumstances you feel the committee should consider when evaluating your application.

  Include number of years involved in the junior balloonist/hi-flyer program

  Hold current membership at time of application and award

  Be eligible to attend a college or trade school in 2009 (have graduated or be eligible for graduation, or earned a GED no later than 6/15/09). 

  You may download the scholarship application form by clicking here or  please send requests for an application packet to:

                      P.O. Box 400
                      Indianola, IA  50125


Shelley Caraway
BFA Youth Program Chair

Last Updated on Saturday, 18 April 2009 23:26

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