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Wednesday, 03 January 2007 14:07

What's required to get a Gas Balloon Rating?

Federal Aviation Administration regulation 61.103 states to receive a private pilot license with a balloon rating you must:

B. Be at least 16 years old for a rating in a glider or balloon.

C. Be able to read, speak, write and understand English.

D. Receive a logbook endorsement from an authorized instructor who:


a. Conducted the training or reviewed the person's home study on the aeronautical knowledge areas listed in 61.105 (b) of this par that applies to the rating being sought.

b. Certified that the person is prepared for the required knowledge test.

E. Pass the required knowledge test on the aeronautical knowledge areas list in the FAR 61.105(b)

F. Receive flight training and logbook endorsement from an authorized instructor who:

1. Conducted the training in the areas listed in 61.107(b) of this part that applies to the aircraft rating being sought.

2. Certified that the person is prepared to pas the required practical test.

G. Meet the aeronautical experience requirements of this part that apply to the aircraft rating sought before applying for the practical test.

H. Pass a practical test on the areas of operation listed in 61.107 (b)

61.107 (b)(7)Flight Proficiency must be demonstrated in the following areas for a lighter-than-air category rating with a balloon class rating:

(i) Preflight preparations

(ii) Preflight procedures

(iii) Airport Operations

(v) Launches and landings

(iv) Performance and Maneuvers:

(v) Navigation

(vi) Emergency Operations and

(vii) Post flight Procedures


FAR 61.109 (h) Aeronautical Experience

For a balloon rating: A person who applies for a private pilot certificate with a lighter than air category and a balloon class rating must log at least:

A. 10 hours flight training that includes

B. 6 training flights with an authorized instructor in the areas of

61.107(b) (8) of this part includes ---

1. Gas Balloon. If the training is being performed in a gas balloon:

At least two flights of 2 hours in duration that consist of:

(i) At least one training flight with an authorized instructor Within 60 days prior to the application for the rating in the areas of operation for a gas balloon

(ii) At least one flight performing the duties of pilot in command in a gas balloon with an authorized instructor.

(iii) At least one flight in a controlled ascent to 3000 feet above the launch site.

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