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Flight Over the New Mexico Sandia Mountains Print E-mail
Written by Beth Wright-Smith   
Saturday, 21 January 2012 18:53



For many who live in the flatlands, a flight over mountains is unheard of...exotic. On Friday, January 6, three Albuquerque balloons made a flight over the Sandia mountains here. For those who live in Colorado, our mountains are fairly small, but none-the-less a flight like this takes serious planning, especially as far as the weather goes. The catalyst was Troy Bradley, who had been watching the weather for several days and talking to the other two of us, me (Beth Wright-Smith) and Dean Donley about a possible crossing. All three of us had flown over these mountains before and two of us took first-timers, as in first time pilot mountain crossers, with us.

We flew about 40 miles in about 2 hours, got to altitudes of about 14,000 feet and speeds of 30 knots. Two of us had uncooperative pilot lights, but had great flights anyway. The views were amazing and the amount of snow still the east side of the mountains (from 2 weeks earlier) was somewhat of a surprise on landing. All three balloons had stand-up landings, which isn’t always the case. What an incredible experience!

Challenge yourself and go out and Fly!

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