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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 00:00


Each year a Regional Director can present a Director's award to a person or organization from their region.  A Director At-Large can choose to give an award to a person or organization from any BFA region.  Awards are announced and presented at the BFA Annual General Meeting.


Region Director
2015 Awards
  Lynee Bixler Great Lakes Dean Carlton
  Mark Sullivan Southwest Cheri White
  BFA Convention Committee At-Large Scott Wooge
  Mike Gilligan At-Large Maury Sullivan
  Jeff Haliczer
Western Katie Griggs
  Paul S. Stumpf Northeast David Tanzer
  Bill Smith Southeast Sam Parks
  Bill & Louise Clemons North Central David Rapp
  Gene Burnstein At-Large Ted Watts
  Dawn Ann Chase
  Rick Wallace
Katie Griggs
  Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association Northeast
Mick Murphy
  Greater Atlantic Rescue Dogs Southeast Sam Parks
  K9 Alert Southeast Sam Parks
  Becky Wigeland North Central David Rapp
  Lindstrand Balloons, USA Great Lakes Dean Carlton
  Fred Dinkler Southwest Cheri White
  John Craparo At-Large Scott Wooge
  Andrew Baird At-Large Drew Egerton
  Gary Heavin NAA Rep Troy Bradley
Michael Bien North Central David Rapp
  Ryan Carlton Great Lakes Ken Walter
  OZ Tour & Disney Western Cory Miller
  Ken Draughn Southeast Sam Parks
  Cindy L Petrehn Southwest Blair Kaufmann
  David Tanzer Northeast Mick Murphy
  Adam Magee At-Large Drew Egerton
  Kimberly Wooge At-Large Drew Egerton
  Jeff Haliczer At-Large Scott Wooge
  Michael L Shrum At-Large Scott Wooge
  Orvin E Oliver NAA Rep Jim Thompson
Donald L. Edwards Southeast Jim Lynch
  William E Bussey Southwest Blair Kaufman
  The People of Ben Hill County At-Large Drew Egerton
  Gene Burnstein Northeast Mick Murphy
  Ronald & Sandy Grove Western Cory Miller
  Debbra A Spaeth Great Lakes Ken Walter
  Bill Clemons North Central Matt Fenster
Bill Whidden Southeast Jim Lynch
  Dave Sullivan At-Large Dave Sullivan
  Glen Moyer Great Lakes Ken Walter
  Pat Cannon Southwest Debby Standefer
  Jim and Donna Engdahl Western Cory Miller
  Iowa Balloonist Association North Central Matt Fenster
Great Eastern Balloon Association (GEBA) Northeast Bill Hughes
  Barbara and Steve Stokoe Southeast Jim Lynch
  Roy Caton At Large Kevin Knapp
  Bill Zangs Great Lakes Ken Walter
  Pat Brake Southwest Shelley Caraway
  Sharon & Edd Higbee At Large Andy Baird
  Bob Tyszka Western Cory Miller
Michael J. Bollea Northeast Bill Hughes
  FAA Production Studios Southeast Don Edwards
  BFA Membership At Large Nancy Griffin
  Dennis D. Nicholson North Central Gary Ruble
  Peter J. Cuneo & Barbara Fricke At Large Troy Bradley
  Gordon P Schwontkowski Great Lakes Ken Walter
  Philip M. Bryant Southwest Shelley Caraway
  Thomas C. Jones At Large Andy Baird
  Laura Hancock Western Cory Miller
Scott McClinton Southeast Don Edwards
  Beth Miller Great Lakes Ken Walters
  Rob Schantz and The Schantz Insurance Agency Western Tim Brady
  Claire-Wade Calahan Southwest Shelley Caraway
  Kathy Thompson North Central Gary Ruble
  Lynee Bixler North Central Gary Ruble
  The Louisville Convention Organizing Committee At Large Troy Bradley
  Mary Conklin At Large Nancy Griffin
  Maury Sullivan & The Convention Education Committee At Large Andy Baird
  Iowa Balloonists Aessociation NAA Rep Jim Thompson
  Balloons over Iowa NAA Rep Jim Thompson
Sam Parks Southeast Don Edwards
  Al, AJ & Ashley Nels Great Lakes Pat Newell
  Gary Eaton Western Tim Brady
  Neida Courney Southwest Phil Bryant
  Jim & Wendy Wirth North Central Gary Ruble
  Alvin Hansen At Large Nancy Griffin
  Christian Amundin At Large Andy Baird
  Paul Clinton NAA Rep Jim Thompson
Polly Lasher At Large Mike Layman
  Mike Gilligan Southwest Phil Bryant
  Jim Winker North Central Orvin Olivier
  David Ross & Kathy Lester-Ross At Large Andy Baird
  Rick & Debi Ferrall Southeast Robert Willbanks
  Christian Amundin Great Lakes Pat Newell
  Michelle Strange - Anderson County NAA Rep Jim Thompson
Christine Kalakuka Western Tim Brady
  Carol Ann Rogers At Large Mike Layman
  Shelley Caraway Southwest Phil Bryant
  David Levin North Central Orvin Olivier
  Mark Weeks At Large Nancy Griffin
  David Justice Southeast Robert Willbanks
  Walter & Joan Grishkot Northeast Ruth Lind
  Kevin Cloney At Large Ray Bair
Maury Sullivan Great Lakes Pat Newell
  Matt & Bobbie Wiederkehr North Central Orvin Olivier
  Ed & Mary Ann Lappies Northeast Ruth Lind
  Donald L Edwards Southeast Robert Willbanks
  Mary Ann Slagle-Poteet Southwest Phil Bryant
  Fred Dinkler III Western Tim Brady
  Timothy M Gale At Large Michael Layman
  Stan Krovontka At Large Nancy Griffin
  William J Fitzgerald At Large Nancy Griffin
  J. W. Byrd At Large Ray Bair
Larry J Manderscheid North Central Orvin Olivier
  David J Sheldon Northeast Ruth Lind
  Joey R Preston Southeast Robert Willbanks
  John Tarpley Head Jr Southeast Robert Willbanks
  Jim & Maxine Weinman At Large Nancy Griffin
  J. D. Huss At Large Ray Bair
  Frank & Sherry Capps Southwest Phil Bryant
  Don Weeks At Large Pat Harwell
  Michael R Tuten Great Lakes Pat Newell
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Award Details

BFA Awards

 U.S. Ballooning Hall of Fame

A Partnership of the Balloon Federation of America and the National Balloon Museum

Criteria:  Exemplary contribution to the history, development or growth of ballooning in the United States

         award process....


Shields Trauger Awarddeadline for submission July 15

This is a special award (BFA’s highest) and does not have to be awarded annually, Up to three (3) Shields-Trauger awards may be given in the same year. read more....


Ed Yost Master Pilot Award

The Balloon Federation of America (BFA) recognizes the efforts of lighter than air pilots who have maintained safe flight operations for 40 or more years.
         award process....


National Crew Persondeadline for submission July 15

 An award recognizing an outstanding crew person read more.....


 President's Award

Awarded by the BFA President for meritorious service to the BFA.

There is no solicitation of nominees for the BFA President’s Awards in that the president alone makes such determinations.The presentation of these awards will be made during the Annual General Membership Meeting.
         award recipients


Director's Award

Each year a Regional Director may present a Director’s award to a person or organization from their region. At- Large Directors may present a Director’s award to a person or organization from any BFA region. Awards will be presented at the Annual General Membership Meeting.

There is no solicitation of nominees for the BFA Director Awards each Director makes such determinations.

         award recipients

Bill Murtorff Spirit of Ballooning Award - deadline for submission July 15

Given to a member who has contributed to youth programs/education in the sport of ballooning.  Award is open to all BFA Members

Nominations can be up to but not longer than two pages.  Nomination's must include name of nominee, address, years of experience in ballooning and the candidate's contributions to youth programs/education in regard to the sport of hot air ballooning. Nomination should include the reason the candidate should receive the award.

  1. Written nominations must be sent to the BFA Office no later than July 15 of award year
  2. All nominations will be sent to the BFA Awards Committee Chair
  3. Awards Committee will present the candidate to the BFA Board of Directors
  4. Award will be presented at the Annual General Meeting



Hot Air Competition Division Awards

Jeannette Ridlon Piccard Trophy - National Champion Award



When the trophy was originally presented to the BFA, the original hot air balloon race trophy, given for the St. Paul Winner Carnival Balloon Race, titled “Jean Piccard Trophy for Thermal Balloons”, was still active and the new trophy was titled “Jeannette Ridlon Piccard Trophy awarded by the Balloon Federation of America for U.S. National Montgolfiere’ Championship”. read more....


Duane C. Clark Memorial Trophy – U.S. National Championship Senior Division Champion


This award is given annually to honor the exemplary skills of the highest ranking senior pilot (age 60+) in the National Championship final standings.


The award was originally established as the Senior Pilot award. BFA member and competitor Duane Clark was instrumental in initiating the award, provided the trophy in 2002, and won a Senior Championship. Duane last participated in the 2006 Nationals. He died the following October after a brief fight against Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. His family then proposed to rename the Senior Pilot award in his honor including funding for the annual trophy. In 2007 the HACD officially accepted the Clark family’s proposal and renamed the Senior Pilot award the Duane C. Clark Memorial Trophy.

Past recipients:

2007 Joe Heartsill

2008 Owen Keown

2009 Joe Heartsill

2010 Joe Heartsill

2011 Joe Heartsill

 2012 Joe Heartsill

2013  Pat Cannon

2014  Joe Heartsill

Elizabeth J. Domont Memorial - Safety Award

History: Memorial Fund was established in 1981 in memory of Elizabeth J. Domont, an Indiana pilot, who was killed in 1978 when her balloon collided with power lines. read more....

Rookie of The Year

Award is presented annually by the Hot Air Competition Division to a first time competitor who places highest nationally at the National Championship.

more inf....

National Point Leader

Awarded to the BFA Competitor placing highest nationally in BFA Sanctioned Tasks to read more....

Landowner Appreciation Award

Presented to a Landowner who exhibits exemplary hospitality and/or service during the U.S. National Hot Air Balloon Championship. read more....

Championship Director Awards

A way to recognize their staff for their contribution to BFA or the National Championship.  Awards are presented at the Championship Awards Ceremony.


NAA Awards

Frank G. Brewer Trophy

For additional information please go to

Harmon International Trophies

About the Trophy.....

NAA Safety Award

This award will be issued in the name of NAA and will be for: For making a significant contribution to the safety of an air sport during the previous year.

For additional information please go to

Robert J. Collier Trophy

For additional information please go to

Wesley L. Mcdonald Elder Statesman Award

About the Award

The Elder Statesman of Aviation Award was established on October 16, 1954, by the Board of Directors of the National Aeronautic Association. In 2007 the award was re-named the Wesley L. McDonald Elder Statesman of Aviation Award.  A new trophy design was also unveiled and more....
FAI Awards

For More Information on FAI/CIA  awards please visit their website at

CIA International Balloon and Airship Hall of Fame

Deadline – must be submitted to the FAI Office to arrive not later than December 31st of Award year.

Montgolfier Ballooning Diploma (FAI/CIA)

These Diplomas were established by the FAI in 1960. Three Montgolfier may be awarded annually, one to recognize each of the following: read more....

Santos-Dumont Gold Airship Medal

This Medal, established in 1994, honours Alberto Santos-Dumont for his contributions to the developments and to the sport of flying airships, culminating in his historic flight around the Eiffel Tower in Paris, on October 19, 1901, thus winning the Deutsch Prize. 100 medals are contributed by the Virgin Islands Aero Club.

Paul Tissiander Diploma (FAI)

Perpetual international awards established in 1952 by FAI in memory of Paul Tissandier, a pioneer French aviator, Treasurer of the FAI from its foundation to 1919, and its Secretary General from 1919 to 1945 read more....