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The gas division welcomes members of the BFA who are interested in gas ballooning.

Join the division to today to access information about gas ballooning in the members only area. This area has announcements, a newsletter and technical archive for those interested in learning more about gas balloons used for Lighter Than Air Flights.

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Who Invented the Gas Balloon? Print E-mail
Written by Adapted by Brian Critelli   
Wednesday, 03 January 2007 01:04

The Gas Balloon was invented by:

The French chemist, physicist, and aeronaut Jacques Alexandre C┬ęsar Charles, was born November 12, 1746, in Beaugency, Loiret, France. Beginning as a clerk in the finance ministry, Charles turned to science and experimented with electricity. He developed several inventions, including a hydrometer and reflecting goniometer, and improved the Gravesand heliostat and Fahrenheit's aerometer. He is best known for his formulation in 1787 of one of the basic gas laws, known as Charles's law, which states that, at constant pressure, the volume occupied by a fixed weight of gas is directly proportional to the absolute temperature. However, during his lifetime, Charles was better known for inventing the hydrogen balloon.

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