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BFA Foreign Members

BFA members living outside the US.

BFA Gas Division Members

All Voting and Non-voting Gas members within the BFA.

Last Message: Gas Board Elections for 2014 - 15

Dear Gas Division Members Nominations for the BFA Gas Division Board are now open.  We have a nominating committee ready to accept names of those interested in serving on the Gas Board.  The job is not hard.  The time commitment is not onerous.  As the sport of gas ballooning is in a serious state of decline, we are looking for new blood; individuals who are interested in trying to find some ways to grow the sport and get involved.  It’s a Gas! This year, two notable Board Members’ po...


BFA Gas Voting Members

BFA Gas division members with Voting status

BFA Great Lakes

BFA members residing in the Great Lakes region

BFA Hot-Air Competition Division Members

A mailing list for BFA Members belonging to the Hot Air Competition Division.

BFA Junior Members

BFA members who are Junior Balloonists, High Fliers, or current members under 18.

BFA Members

Distribution list for all active BFA members.

BFA North Central Members

BFA members residing in the North Central region

BFA Northeast Members

BFA members who reside in the Northeast Region.

BFA Quick Release newsletter

The eBlast mailing list is open for subscription by the public, for distribution of BFA newsletters and communication. This is the only open subscription BFA mailing list.

BFA Southeast Members

BFA members residing in the Southeast Region.

BFA Southwest Members

BFA members living in the Southwest region.

BFA Test List

Test list for internal testing

BFA West Region Members

BFA members residing in the Western region.

Demo & Training

A demonstration and training list - not for public use.

Last Message: Test email message

Lots of fancy textWith graphics.   ...


test list

Lsit for testing dada mail releases

Last Message: 2014 Aloft registration form.

2014 Aloft registration form. Attached is the 2014 Aloft registration form. ...