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BFA Continuing Education Program

The BFA Continuing Education Program sets criteria for BFA sanctioned hot air balloon seminars and approves annual programs based on those criteria.

A total of seven hours of instruction are required for a BFA sanctioned safety seminar.  Half-day or mini seminars, while not discouraged, will not qualify for full sanction.  In order for a pilot to achieve sanctioned seminar credit for inclusion and reporting to the insurance companies, they must accumulate a total of seven hours of instruction at an all-day sanctioned seminar or accumulate a total of eight (8) Continuing Education (CE) credits through any combination of acceptable alternatives enumerated in the Guidelines..  A full credit sanctioned seminar must include topics as defined from the following 3-Tier levels.

Tier I: Each seminar must have a minimum of one hour of course material from each of the following.

  • Weather
  • Aeronautical Decision Making
  • Accident Investigation and Analysis

Tier II: Each seminar must include a minimum of two hours dedicated to the following topics.  The organizer must select at least two of these topics but may select more and allocate less time to each session.

  • FARs
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Flight Operations
  • Ground and Crew Safety
  • Propane Safety
  • Power Line Safety

Tier III: Each seminar has the opportunity to develop curriculum designed to enhance the safety of the pilot, crew, passengers and the general public.  Two (2) hours must be dedicated to topics selected by the seminar organizer.  Selections can come from any of the above, any of the suggestions provided in the Guidelines or as designed by the organizer.

The new Guidelines now also include specifications for the BFA Seminar Webinar© and that includes seven hours of instruction and mandatory testing.  Look for the new Guidelines listed as a Resource below

Questions concerning the new Guidelines, contact the Continuing Education Safety Seminar Chairman, Ken Walter at 



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