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Early Bird Registration for the Convention Ends Mon Jan 31 Print E-mail
Friday, 28 January 2011 13:35
URGENT: Pre-registration for the 50th Anniversary BFA National Convention is now just a few days away. Don't Delay! Sign up now (before January 31st) and save $55!

Joe Kittinger headlines an all-star lineup of speakers on tap to deliver an unprecedented entertaining and educational experience for pilots of all interests and experience levels. Plus there are multiple crew training sessions, the National Balloon Museum and the opportunity to meet many of the balloonists who've helped shape the BFA in its first fifty years.

Here are a couple of the sessions that may interest you:

Landing Safely and Safety w/Gordon Schwontkowski

Gordon will take a close look at the crew-there-on-landing "debate", how to safely and routinely be there at landing, and exactly what to do once you're there. The days of "chasing" are over; many pilots expect their crew to be near or at their landing. And for good reason: nearly 80% of accidents and injuries occur on landing - when crew input is missing or minimal. Small improvements here easily magnify safety and fun for all.

Albuquerque - The Balloon Fiesta: Past, Present and Future w/John Davis

John was an officer and Director of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in 1976 and has been a director since that time.  He served as Fiesta vice president in 1981 and Fiesta president in 1982.  He will provide an informative history and take a look at the future of the event.

Getting Started in Gas Ballooning w/Peter Cuneo

Peter Cuneo has held a LTA certificate since 1989 and has been gas rated since 1995.  He has flown helium, hydrogen and anhydrous ammonia gas balloons and has recently teamed with Bert Padelt to produce an experimental hydrogen-safe gas balloon envelope.
Starting with ground study and pre-flight preparation for the first gas training flight and continuing thru the first flight as PIC, this presentation will describe the route to removal of your  LTA certificate's "...with airborne heater" restriction.  Emphasis will be on safety, meteorology, flight preparation, flight at pressure ceiling, landing techniques, regulations, cost and lessons learned from practical experience.

The convention is set for April 7-10, 2011 in Des Moines, IA. Log on to www.bfa50.com for the latest info on the convention and hotel accommodations.

Still not sure?  Here's what others have said about the convention experience in 2008,

"We are new ballooning pilots and owners, and the convention was a great kick-start."
Lionel & Teresa Lavenue
Oakton, VA

"The event in Louisville was, more than worth the time and money spent. A great investment in our unique form of aviation. The camaraderie; unbeatable!  I would especially encourage young pilots and crews to do themselves a favor and be in Des Moines. If you don't go, you'll never know!"
Joe Shevenell --  former LTA pilot for BROOKS &DUNN

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Log on to www.bfa50.com and register today then come Celebrate in the Heartland!
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