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Written by Tim Cloyd-Committee Chair   
Wednesday, 29 October 2014 13:00

2015-2016 BFA Long Jump Challenge

cloudsRules and Flight Report Form

INTRODUCTION: The BFA Long Jump is an annual contest to promote the sport of hot air ballooning. Individual pilots plan and conduct their own flights from launch sites of their own choosing.   The basic rules are “Use 40 gallons of propane, fly as far as you can.” The complete rules are below.


BACKGROUND: The BFA Long Jump has been conducted annually since 1990. The all-time longest Long Jump flight is 693 miles, by Alvin Hansen in 2003.


All current BFA pilot members may enter. Prior entry is required. Per each Long Jump season, a one-time entrance fee of $20 is required. Payment can be by credit card over the telephone to the BFA office (515) 961-8809, or by check payable to the BFA mailed to the BFA office at P.O. Box 400, 1601 N Jefferson, Indianola, IA 50125. Each pilot is entirely responsible for planning and executing his or her own flight.

Acceptance of Rules and Regulations: Competing pilots are required to know, understand, accept, and abide by the BFA Long Jump Challenge rules. Special care is needed in cold weather and high altitude flights. “Fly with your head, not over it.”


  1. The contest runs November 1 to March 31 of the current season.
  2. A pilot may launch with up to 45 gallons and use only 40 gallons during the flight (New for 2015). Reserve/emergency fuel may be carried, but it is not required or recommended.
  3. Liftoff and ascent are to be made on the on board fuel. Hot inflation – up to equilibrium- may be conducted with an ‘inflation tank’.
  4. Adherence to all local aviation regulations is required.
  5. Flight at or above 18,000 feet MSL is not permitted.
  6. No items may be dropped during flight except lightweight objects, such as pieces of paper, to determine wind direction.
  7. Landing must occur prior to sunset on the day of launch.
  8. The winner is the pilot who conducts the longest distance flight in a hot air balloon, as calculated from the launch site to the landing site.


Pilots must prove their claim for their flight by submitting their claim on the BFA Official Flight Report Form, or equivalent. Submission of flight report by email is encouraged. An official electronic flight report form will be provided to each registered participant. A hardcopy flight report form will be provided upon request.

The flight report must include:

  • Pilot’s name,
  • Balloon Manufacturer, Model, and Displacement,
  • BFA member number,
  • Date of flight,
  • Launch site (nearest town name, and latitude/longitude of exact launch site),
  • Time of launch,
  • Time of landing,
  • Latitude and Longitude of the landing site,
  • Amount of fuel on board at lift off.  

Pilots are also encouraged to share:

  • Cruising altitude,
  • Maximum and/or average speed,
  • Amount of fuel remaining at landing
  • Temperature at launch site and/or en route
  • Envelope temperature at cruise.

There is no limit on number of attempts per season.

 IT IS REQUIRED that the launch/landing sites shall be verified on an appropriate chart (as specified below) by the signature of an appropriate witness, preferably an uninterested bystander who agrees to vouch for the veracity of the launch or landing claim and provides appropriate contact information to allow contact and verification if needed.

An inclusion of a hard copy aeronautical chart is not required. A Xerox copy of a chart is acceptable, or a digital photograph of your chart and/or a screen grab from an on-line resource such as Skyvector.com

GPS latitude and longitude reports are acceptable and the launch/landing verification must be made by an appropriate witness and the location, with respect to landmarks. Inclusion of launch, landing, and en route photos in the flight report is encouraged.

The Long Jump Committee will evaluate each flight report. If the pilot does not substantiate his/her claim with sufficient, adequate and verifiable proof, disqualification is possible. It is the responsibility of the pilot to prove by credible evidence the qualifying details of the flight.


Long Jump Manager, Tim Cloyd
BFA Long Jump

8725 SE 13th Ave
Runnells, IA 50237

Flight Reports must be received no later than April 15 of the current season.

If you have Questions or Comments please contact Tim at 515-205-4855 or email:tecvisions@hotmail.com


The Manager will acknowledge receipt of Reports. Call to verify if not acknowledged.


As last year a charity tie-in is possible.

For those pilots who elect to incorporate charity outreach with their Long Jump efforts, consider conducting a “Long Jump-a-Thon.”  To conduct a “Long-Jump-a-Thon”solicit pledges from members of your community, either as a lump donation or as a quantity per mile flown. Consider conducting a glow in your community prior to your flight to announce your charity outreach efforts.   This year the suggested charity group is the American Cancer Society. The charity tie-in is completely optional.


BFA Long Jump Flight Report Form

Pilot’s name:  _________________________

Balloon Manufacturer, and Displacement: _________________________

BFA member number: _________________________

Date of flight: _________________________

Launch site (nearest town name, and latitude/longitude of exact launch site)  


Time of launch:   _________________________

Time of landing: _________________________

Latitude and Longitude of the landing site: _________________________

Amount of fuel on board at lift off: __________________________ 

Pilots are also encouraged to share:

  • Cruising altitude                                              ________________________
  • Maximum and/or average speed                     ________________________
  • Amount of fuel remaining at landing                _______________________
  • Temperature at launch site and/or en route    ________________________
  • Envelope temperature at cruise                      _________________________


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