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The BFA is a 501c3 non-profit association dedicated to the advancement of the sport and science of lighter-than-air aviation, both hot air and gas balloons. Founded in 1961, membership in the BFA is open to anyone who shares a fascination with Lighter Than Air flight. donate



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Become part of the future of ballooning! Membership is easy and affordable, and comes with privileges. Our top-flight magazine "BALLOONING Journal" is produced bi-monthly and is filled with interesting and informative articles covering many aspects of the sport. Joining the Competition Division will allow you to compete for National and International Championship teams and prizes. Opportunities for training and education, a monthly eNewsletter, achievement awards, and more great things are available for members.

Members can be pilots, crew, or just people who are interested in ballooning. If you would like to learn more, click here for more information, and to apply on-line for membership. To contact a BFA Board member, click here.


GasDivLogoWhat is it like to fly in a gas balloon?  These articles will share some of the fun of gas ballooning.

Jan 22 2015 | C.H. ROTH
Flying A Gas Balloon

Perhaps the most thrilling of all aeronautic sports is free ballooning. The feeling one has, as the earth rapidly drops away from the ascending balloon, is one that cannot be described in words. The e [ ... ]

Jan 22 2007 | BRIAN CRITELLI
 Important Dates in Gas Ballooning History

1783 -- The first gas balloon flight was accomplished: Jacques A.C. Charles a French professor of philosophy who had been experimenting with the recently discovered hydrogen gas for applications with  [ ... ]

More Gas Stories
Aug 31 2020
Gas Division By-Laws approved

In the 2020 Summer election, Gas Division members approved an updated set of By-Laws. Those updated by-laws can be viewed by "logged-in" Gas division members by clicking on the BOARD MEMBERS tab and s [ ... ]

Dec 20 2018
Gordon Bennett Qualification

The following rules will apply to Gordon Bennett Qualification as of December 2018:


3.4 Representatives to Coupe Aeronautique Gordon Bennett

The U.S. is entitled to send three teams of two p [ ... ]

Sep 24 2016
Gas Division Board of Directors

The Gas Division Board of Directors is made up of 6 members and a liaison to the BFA Board. Each director serves a 3 year term. At the annual October Board Meeting, the new board member [ ... ]

Sep 27 2015
Interested in Forming A Gas Balloon Club?

Aero Club of America - NC Chapter

Aero Club of America - NC Chapter is a gas club in North Carolina formed for the purpose of Gas Balloon Flight.  The club provides shared expense, t [ ... ]

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Get Involved!

Gen600x4The BFA has several divisions established to support the ballooning community.


Hot Air Competition Division

If you are interested in the competitive side of the sport, the HACD is for you. From establishing rules and regulations, keeping score on a National level, and supporting the qualifying USA world pilots, the HACD is a very active part of the BFA. Click here for to link to the competition division.


Commercial Ride Operators

New to the BFA is the Professional Ride Operators Division (PRO). If you are looking to take a ride, or are a commercial balloon pilot looking for more exposure for your business, click here to go directly to their site.    PRO members all agree to a code of ethics in regards to safety and business operations.


         Our Corporate Members

                     (click to link to their site)

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