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Elizabeth J. Domont Safety Award


This memorial fund was established in 1981 in memory of Elizabeth J. Domont, an Indiana pilot.

This award is presented annually at the US National Balloon Hot Air Championship awards ceremony. It recognizes the pilot who, in the judgment of the highest race official, best exemplifies the highest degree of safety whether such pilot be competitive or not.


2021 - Duncan Dunavent

2019 - Brad Temeyer

2018 - O'Neil Gas

2017 - Henry Rosenbaum

2016 - Dr. Ken Wojcik

2012 - 2015 - No award presented

2011 - Maury Sullivan

2010 - Bob Zanella

2009 - Brad Temeyer

2008 - Anderson County Fire Department

2007 - James A. Thompson

2006 - Anderson County Emergency Services

2005 - Raymond Bair

2004 - Ken Kreiger

2003 - Carol Rymer Davis

2002 - Gene Funderbunk

2001 - Nick Saum

2000 - No award presented

1999 - David Shaddock

1998 - Chief Alan Jones of the Rantoul, IL Police Department

1997 - Lou Billones

1996 - Allen Yost

1995 - Sheriff's Department of Boone County

1994 - Richard E. Roth

1988 - 1993 - No award presented

1987 - Phil Thompson

1986 - Martin Hill, Jr.

1985 - Carol Sherman



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Ed yost balloonist

 Ed Yost Master Pilot Award



The Balloon Federation of America's Ed Yost Master Pilot Award recognizes lighter than air (LTA) pilots who have demonstrated professionalism, skill and aviation expertise by maintaining safe operations for 40 or more consecutive years as active pilots.

Master Pilot Color Logo FINAL





The award will be in the form of a BFA award certificate to be presented to the recipient at the BFA Annual Meeting or other appropriate meeting of balloonist as suggested by the Board Member in the region that the recipient resides. Additionally the recipient's name, city and state will be published at and will be included in a display at the National Balloon Museum.



To be eligible for the Ed Yost Master Pilot Award, candidates must:

  • Have 40 years of LTA piloting experience and be a citizen of the United States or a resident member of the Balloon Federation of America. The effective start date for the award is the date of the applicant's first solo flight or date of receipt of a LTA pilot certificate, whichever occurred first. A current flight review is not required at the time of nomination. Under special circumstances the Committee may recommend a candidate with less than the 40 years of LTA piloting experience for consideration by the BFA Board of Directors.
  • Have been active in the sport of ballooning during most of those 40 years.
  • Prior accident history will be reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Revocation of any airman LTA certificate will disqualify a nominee for this award.
  • Prior enforcement actions (excluding revocation) are not necessarily disqualifying but will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • The award may be presented to a nominee up to 2 years posthumously if the nominee has acquired 40 years of LTA piloting experience prior to passing away.


To be eligible for the Ed Yost Master Pilot Award, the applicant, or anyone on behalf of the applicant, must submit the following information to a member of the BFA Board of Directors, the chair of the BFA Awards Committee or the BFA Office:

  • Proper documentation describing the kind of certificate(s) held by the applicant, including, if available, the original date of the pilot's LTA solo flight or original LTA flight certificate.
  • A detailed description, resume, or summary of the applicant's flying history including any accident or enforcement actions involving the applicant.



Upon receipt of information for an applicant for the Ed Yost Master Pilot Award, the Chair of the Awards Committee shall convene a committee consisting of three Past BFA Presidents who shall review the information submitted.  If the applicant meets the above listed criteria without a prior accident and without prior enforcement action, the committee may approve the award without further action. The BFA Board will be notified of said approval. If the applicant has had an accident or prior enforcement action the committee will submit a recommendation to the BFA Board of Directors who then shall be the final authority for approval or denial of the award.


Balloon Federation of America Award Program


Applicant Information Form


Name:                       ______________________________________________________________

Address:                   ______________________________________________________________

City, State, ZIP:       ______________________________________________________________

Telephone:                ______________________________________________________________

E-mail:                     ______________________________________________________________

Resume: Please provide a detailed and complete ballooning biography for the applicant that includes the candidate's history and involvement in ballooning.

Provide documentation: Provide proper documentation describing the kind of certificate(s) held by the applicant. Attach copies of documents indicating the original date of the pilot's LTA solo flight or original LTA flight certificate.

Accidents or enforcement actions: Has the applicant had an accident or Federal Aviation Administration enforcement action?   Yes___ No___   If yes, please provide details on a separate sheet.

Certification of applicant:   I hereby certify that the statements above regarding accidents or Federal Administration enforcement actions are correct and true.

Applicant:___________________________ Certificate Number:________________ Date:_______


Name:                       ______________________________________________________________

Address:                   ______________________________________________________________

City, State, ZIP:       ______________________________________________________________

Telephone:                ______________________________________________________________

E-mail:                     ______________________________________________________________

Return the Applicant Information Form to:    Balloon Federation of America

                                                                             PO Box 400

                                                                             Indianola, IA 50125

                                                                             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.         



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  President's Award



This award is presented by the BFA president from the prior year at the BFA's annual meeting in October. The president selects a person or organization that made significant contributions to the BFA.


Year Award Recipient BFA President
2019 Orvin Olivier Cheri White
2019 Mike Shrum Cheri White
2018 Bob & Marie Dicks and the FAVIA 225 Board Cheri White
2017 Andy Baird Dean Carlton
2017 Sam Parks Dean Carlton
2017 Pat Cannon Dean Carlton
2017 Scott Appelman Dean Carlton
2017 Tony Sandlin Dean Carlton
2016 Fred Dinkler Dean Carlton
2015 Gary Tarter and Family Sam Parks
2014 David N Levin Sam Parks
2013 James A Thompson Mick Murphy
2012 Sharon Ripperger Troy Bradley
2011 Brian Seymour Troy Bradley
Connie Thompson Troy Bradley
2010 Maury Sullivan Don Edwards
2009 Derrick Jones
Andy Baird
2008 John Reeves Andy Baird
2008 Donnie Neighbor Andy Baird
2007 Gary Heavin Andy Baird
2006 Joey R Preston Ray Bair
2005 Al Richter Phil Bryant
Janice Johnson Phil Bryant
Clare Wade-Callihan Phil Bryant
Stacey Griffin Phil Bryant
2004 Don Koranda Phil Bryant
2003 Greg & Edna Thompson Phil Bryant


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 Director's Award



Each year a Regional Director can present a Director's award to a person or organization from their region.  A Director At-Large can choose to give an award to a person or organization from any BFA region.  Awards are announced and presented at the BFA Annual General Meeting.


2020 Dean Carlton Great Lakes Al Reusch
  Mike Hance Southwest Josh Sneed
  Glen Moyer Western Katie Griggs
  Dawn Chase Northeast Mark MacSkimming
  Max Moerles Southeast Jetta Schantz


Brad Temeyer At Large Maury Sullivan

Ken Tadolini & Patsy Buchwald

North Central Tim Cloyd
  Nick Moehlmann Northeast Mark MacSkimming
  Mike Emich
At Large Ted Watts
  Bill Broker Southwest Cheri White
  Karalyn Mumm At Large Mark West
  Pat Cannon West Katie Griggs
  Al Nels Great Lakes Dean Carlton
  Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic,Decatur AL Southeast Jetta Schantz
 2018 Tony Sandlin
Great Lakes
Dean Carlton

Rio Grande Balloon Camp 

           Neida Courtney Bueno & Kelli Ballengee

Southwest Cheri White
  Great Lakes Balloon Camp - Jeff Trzebiatowski At Large Scott Wooge
  Todd Fisher At Large Maury Sullivan
  Tony Saxton Northeast Mark MacSkimming
  Shreveport-Bossier Sports Commission Southeast Sam Parks
  Jim Fromm North Central Tim Cloyd
  Kimberly Wooge Magee At Large Ted Watts


Andy Baird At-Large Maury Sullivan
Gabriel Gunsling, Lake Tahoe Balloons Western Katie Griggs
Wayne Phillips Northeast David Tanzer
Helen to the Sea Hot Air Balloon Rally Southeast Sam Parks
Sandy (Branham) Kneeland North Central Tim Cloyd
Gordon Schwontkowski Great Lakes Dean Carlton
Beth Wright-Smith Southwest Cheri White
Jim Thompson At-Large Scott Wooge
2016 Gary Britton At-Large Maury Sullivan
Jeff Thompson Western Katie Griggs
Russ Barber Northeast David Tanzer
Carolina Balloon Fest Southeast Sam Parks
Rob Bartholomew North Central Tim Cloyd
Brian Trapp Great Lakes Dean Carlton
Shelly & Alan Cannaday Southwest Cheri White
Richard & Sherry Techau At-Large Scott Wooge
Susan Stamats At-Large Scott Wooge
John Trione At-Large Ted Watts
Johnathan Gaffney NAA Rep. Troy Bradley
2015 Mike Gilligan At-Large Maury Sullivan
Jeff Haliczer Western Katie Griggs
Paul S. Stumpf Northeast David Tanzer
Bill Smith Southeast Sam Parks
Bill & Louise Clemons North Central David Rapp
Lynee Bixler Great Lakes Dean Carlton
Mark Sullivan Southwest Cheri White
Katie Griggs & the BFA Convention Committee At-Large Scott Wooge
Gene Burnstein At-Large Ted Watts
2014 Dawn Ann Chase At-Large Maury Sullivan
Rick Wallace Western Katie Griggs
Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association Northeast Mick Murphy
Greater Atlantic Rescue Dogs Southeast Sam Parks
K9 Alert Southeast Sam Parks
Becky Wigeland North Central David Rapp
Lindstrand Balloons, USA Great Lakes Dean Carlton
Fred Dinkler Southwest Cheri White
John Craparo At-Large Scott Wooge
Andrew Baird At-Large Drew Egerton
Gary Heavin NAA Rep Troy Bradley
2013 Michael Bien North Central David Rapp
Ryan Carlton Great Lakes Ken Walter
OZ Tour & Disney Western Cory Miller
Ken Draughn Southeast Sam Parks
Cindy L Petrehn Southwest Blair Kaufmann
David Tanzer Northeast Mick Murphy
Adam Magee At-Large Drew Egerton
Kimberly Wooge At-Large Drew Egerton
Jeff Haliczer At-Large Scott Wooge
Michael L Shrum At-Large Scott Wooge
Orvin E Oliver NAA Rep Jim Thompson
2012 Donald L. Edwards Southeast Jim Lynch
William E Bussey Southwest Blair Kaufman
The People of Ben Hill County At-Large Drew Egerton
Gene Burnstein Northeast Mick Murphy
Ronald & Sandy Grove Western Cory Miller
Debbra A Spaeth Great Lakes Ken Walter
Bill Clemons North Central Matt Fenster
2011 Bill Whidden Southeast Jim Lynch
Dave Sullivan At-Large Kevin Knapp
Glen Moyer Great Lakes Ken Walter
Pat Cannon Southwest Debby Standefer
Jim and Donna Engdahl Western Cory Miller
Iowa Balloonist Association North Central Matt Fenster
2010 Great Eastern Balloon Association (GEBA) Northeast Bill Hughes
Barbara and Steve Stokoe Southeast Jim Lynch
Roy Caton At Large Kevin Knapp
Bill Zangs Great Lakes Ken Walter
Pat Brake Southwest Shelley Caraway
Sharon & Edd Higbee At Large Andy Baird
Bob Tyszka Western Cory Miller
2009 Michael J. Bollea Northeast Bill Hughes
FAA Production Studios Southeast Don Edwards
BFA Membership At Large Nancy Griffin
Dennis D. Nicholson North Central Gary Ruble
Peter J. Cuneo & Barbara Fricke At Large Troy Bradley
Gordon P Schwontkowski Great Lakes Ken Walter
Philip M. Bryant Southwest Shelley Caraway
Thomas C. Jones At Large Andy Baird
Laura Hancock Western Cory Miller
2008 Scott McClinton Southeast Don Edwards
Beth Miller Great Lakes Ken Walters
Rob Schantz and The Schantz Insurance Agency Western Tim Brady
Claire-Wade Calahan Southwest Shelley Caraway
Kathy Thompson North Central Gary Ruble
Lynee Bixler North Central Gary Ruble
The Louisville Convention Organizing Committee At Large Troy Bradley
Mary Conklin At Large Nancy Griffin
Maury Sullivan & The Convention Education Committee At Large Andy Baird
Iowa Balloonists Aessociation NAA Rep Jim Thompson
Balloons over Iowa NAA Rep Jim Thompson
2007 Sam Parks Southeast Don Edwards
Al, AJ & Ashley Nels Great Lakes Pat Newell
Gary Eaton Western Tim Brady
Neida Courney Southwest Phil Bryant
Jim & Wendy Wirth North Central Gary Ruble
Alvin Hansen At Large Nancy Griffin
Christian Amundin At Large Andy Baird
Paul Clinton NAA Rep Jim Thompson
2006 Polly Lasher At Large Mike Layman
Mike Gilligan Southwest Phil Bryant
Jim Winker North Central Orvin Olivier
David Ross & Kathy Lester-Ross At Large Andy Baird
Rick & Debi Ferrall Southeast Robert Willbanks
Christian Amundin Great Lakes Pat Newell
Michelle Strange - Anderson County NAA Rep Jim Thompson
2005 Christine Kalakuka Western Tim Brady
Carol Ann Rogers At Large Mike Layman
Shelley Caraway Southwest Phil Bryant
David Levin North Central Orvin Olivier
Mark Weeks At Large Nancy Griffin
David Justice Southeast Robert Willbanks
Walter & Joan Grishkot Northeast Ruth Lind
Kevin Cloney At Large Ray Bair
2004 Maury Sullivan Great Lakes Pat Newell
Matt & Bobbie Wiederkehr North Central Orvin Olivier
Ed & Mary Ann Lappies Northeast Ruth Lind
Donald L Edwards Southeast Robert Willbanks
Mary Ann Slagle-Poteet Southwest Phil Brynat
Fred Dinkler III Western Tim Brady
Timothy M Gale At Large Michael Layman
Stan Krovontka At Large Nancy Griffin
William J Fitzgerald At Large Nancy Griffin
J. W. Byrd At Large Ray Bair
2003 Larry J Manderscheid North Central Orvin Olivier
David J Sheldon Northeast Ruth Lind
Joey R Preston Southeast Robert Willbanks
John Tarpley Head Jr Southeast Robert Willbanks
Jim & Maxine Weinman At Large Nancy Griffin
J. D. Huss At Large Ray Bair
Frank & Sherry Capps Southwest Phil Bryant
Don Weeks At Large Pat Harwell
Michael R Tuten Great Lakes Pat Newell

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