The following pilots have achieved a BFA Flight Instructor or BFA Master Flight Instructor Designation.



Master Flight Instructor

Year 2012

  Exp Date
David W. Sullivan  GA 01/31/2014
Stuart E. Enloe     GA 01/31/2014
Al Lowenstein NM 03/31/2014
Raymond Bair NM 05/31/2014
Beth Wright-Smith NM 12/31/2014
Tom Roush TN 12/31/2014

Year 2013

Mick Murphy CT 02/28/2015
Kay West SD 08/01/2015
Flight Instructor    
Year 2012    
Stephen R Turner GA 01/31/2014
Deborah Standefer CO 01/31/2014
James D Smith OR 01/31/2014
Jim Bushelle WI 01/31/2014
John E Tilton MS 01/31/2014
Devin C Burnham SD 06/30/2014

Congratulations on your designation as a Flight Instructor! Your desire to share your knowledge and expertise with those who wish to enter the sport of ballooning is a commitment to its continuation. On behalf of the members of the Balloon Federation of America, we thank you for that effort.