If you need insurance credit for a safety seminar, you can register and take our on-line video seminar!

You will need to register at Seminar Registration before watching the videos. Note: You must already be a BFA member to register (but you can also do that online).

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Register for Seminar


Registration (Needed For Insurance Credit Only)

               BFA Pilots - $50            BFA Crew - $35

Once registered, login with your userid and password (upper right of this page) to access the videos. After that, go to Seminar Video Library under the Education tab and select the 2018 videos you wish to watch.  All 7 videos are required for credit.


Write the down the "secret word" displayed during the video (1 per session). When complete, go to EVALUATION/TEST to take the short quiz. You can also find this link in the Seminar Video section.

Once we receive notice you have successfully completed the test, we will send notice to your insurance company.