Agenda for HACD October Teleconference


October 24, 2019 8 PM EDST

Call in information: 515 604 9902, access code: 717772

Call to order: Chairman Jason Jones

Roll Call: Britton

Minutes from the September meeting need approved.


Women’s Nationals Update: Jones

  1. Brookfield, MO
  2. Status of the event in 2020

Face-to-Face Meeting: Jones/ ALL

  1. Destination: Punta Gorda, FL
  2. Hotel: ??
  3. Flight Info: Need to get your flight set up if you haven’t done so yet.
  4. Topics of Discussion: Please email me agenda items.

BFA/HACD Financials: Sullivan

  1. Update

By-laws: Jones

  1. Three person committee. Ken Walter, Gary Britton
  2. Third member?

Volunteer Appreciation Day: Magee

  1. What is it?
  2. Discussion

Transition to the New Board: Jones

  1. Thank you to the outing going board. (Adam, Al, & Dale)
  2. Seating of the New Board. (Ken & Paddy)

Appointment of NE and SW Regional Directors: Jones

Nominations for NE Regional Director

Aaron Foelske

Jayson Kimball

Adam Magee

Al Nels

Meg Skelton

Nominations for SW Regional Director

Jeff Ashworth

Steve Jones

Richard Sabin

Seating Nationals Director

Nationals Director (voting position) Nominees: Maury Sullivan

Seating of Event Officials Liaison

Event Officials Manager (voting position) Nominees: Jim Dieball, Robert Wise

Election of Officers: All

  1. Chair
  2. Vice Chair
  3. Secretary
  4. Financial Manager

Seating of the Manager Positions

  1. Sanction Manager Nominees: Aaron Foelske
  2. Financial Manager Nominees: Maury Sullivan
  3. Director of Event Development Nominee: Gary Britton
  4. NEL Manager Nominee: Drew Egerton
  5. Web Site Manager Nominee: Blake Jordon
  6. Scoring Manager Nominees: Mike Gilligan
  7. Safety Manager Nominees: Adam Magee, Ken Walter
  8. Equipment Manager Nominee: Ken Draughn
  9. International Manager Nominees: Nick Donner, Paul Petrehn
  10. Rules Manager Nominees: Maury Sullivan

Other Business: