May 24 2023
Crossing the Line - Power line safety video

MUST-SEE Safety!

Ballooning’s biggest buzzkill – literally and figuratively - is a power line strike. The just-released 20-minute video “Crossing the Line” offers pilots and crew dozens of pr [ ... ]

Apr 26 2023
2nd Class Update

The BFA has had some success with the Aeromedical Branch of the FAA lately. Approximately 3 weeks ago the BFA posted a request for anyone having applied for a medical and were waiting for the FAA to r [ ... ]

Apr 14 2023
BFA Response to Balloon Pilot Medical NPRM

The 2023 BFA OnLine Seminar is now available!


All BFA members can watch any of the continuting education videos at no extra cost by logging in and then visiting the Seminar Video Libra [ ... ]

Mar 31 2023
2nd Class Medical Delays - Action Needed!


Dear BFA Members,


As the deadline draws near for the requirement for the second class medical, the BFA is hearing from many pilots that have applied and have some medical deficiency [ ... ]

Feb 23 2023
Shoot Balloon Photos, Not Balloons!

President Pat Cannon
(515) 961-8809
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloakd1e95d6442c2e089491e3a7acfbd2c85'). [ ... ]

Jan 23 2023
Additional 2nd Class Medical Clarification

Balloon Federation of America PO Box 400 Indianola, Iowa   January 23, 2023




The BFA has been continuing to work with FAA to provide better explanations for some of  [ ... ]

Jan 17 2023
Preparing for a Second Class Medical

As we march toward May and the reality that commercially rated LTA pilots will be required to possess a second-class medical certificate if they intend to use their certificate for commercial purposes [ ... ]

Dec 29 2022
Update on FAA Medical Final Rule

Letter from BFA President, Pat Cannon



It has been over a month now since the final date was set for the requirement for a second class medical for pilots holding a commercial LTA  [ ... ]

Dec 19 2022
Bring A Buddy Program


We have a win, win, win program to share with you, our members. When you log into the BFA website (, you will see a new "Invite"  feature! This feature will provide yo [ ... ]

Nov 23 2022
Aircraft Registration Timeframe Extention Proposed

Aircraft Registration Timeframe Extention Proposed


A notice has just been sent from the FAA extending the duration of aircraft registration  to 7 years. This is in answer to the long l [ ... ]

Nov 23 2022
Medical Requirement Starts 5/22/23

Medicals Update

The final rule on the medicals for commercial balloon pilots posted to the Federal Register today. The date you need to have your medical by is May 22, 2023.

See this link for the f [ ... ]

Nov 17 2022
BFA Response - FAA 2nd Class Medical Ruling

Letter from BFA President, Pat Cannon



By now, you know through several sources that the FAA has released the final rule regarding the requirement for a second-class medical certif [ ... ]

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