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FiresideChat logoView videos of live chat about interesting balloon topics where balloonists ask questions, hear applicable and interesting stories, with fascinating balloon folks. Get connected to your balloon community, and learn some things you wouldn't otherwise. Each segment will feature different balloonists from around the world.

 Drop lines, safety lines, and crew, oh my! Sheldon Grauberger
Keith Fear
Jeff Snyder
Eliav Cohen, host
 May 15, 2020 Flight Operations
 Outflow - Dealing with it Eliav Cohen
Mark West
Don Day
 April 16, 2020  Weather
 Being comfortable with the uncomfortable Adam Magee
Ben Drennen
Scott McClinton
Eliav Cohen
 April 23, 2020  Decision Making
100+ years of combined experience Scott Wooge
Jeff "Kong" Shields
Bob Romaneschi
Eliav Cohen
  Decision Making
Ever thought of building a balloon? Paul Stumpf
Leandro Vega
Mike DeBellis
Eliav Cohen
  Flight Operations
All Things Balloon Events Howard Freeman
Tim Matykiewicz
Staci Scheurenbrand
Eliav Cohen
  Flight Operations
Techniques and flight planning from National and World Champion Balloon Competitors John Petrehn
Holly Pfiefer
Jason Jones
Bill Clemons
Ken Walter
Eliav Cohen
July 2, 2020 Competition

Balloons to space!

A conversation focused on Space Perspectives project to fly passengers to the stratosphere via gas balloon.

Tabor MacCallum
Noah Forden
Cheri White
Peter Cuneo
Barbara Fricke
Troy Bradley
Eliav Cohen
  Gas Ballooning
The Aeronauts group discusses the process of becoming a pilot. McKenna Secrist
Joey Strutz
Erin Bair
Savannah Bradley
Adam Magee
Cameron Wall
  Flight Operations