Gas Division

GasDivLogoWelcome to the Gas Division

The gas division welcomes members of the BFA who are interested in gas ballooning. Join the division to today to access information about gas ballooning in the members only area. This area has announcements, a newsletter and technical archive for those interested in learning more about gas balloons used for Lighter Than Air Flights.

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What is the Gas Division and why should I join?

The BFA Gas Division is a growing segment of the Balloon Federation of America. It is made up of pilots and crew members interested keeping the oldest part of our sport relevant and growing. Flying a gas balloon is complex, challenging, and extreme. It provides a significantly different perspective on lighter than air sports.

It forces pilots to deal with issues that are much easier to control or avoid when flying a hot air balloon. You will experience longer flights, must deal with weather, airspace and interact with air traffic control. Gas balloons fly differently and perform well in high winds and difficult weather. It provide pilots and crews a great learning opportunity typically not experienced when flying hot air balloons.

You can join the gas division for $10.00 per year as an associate member. Voting members must hold a free balloon rating and they are charged $25.00 per year. Gas Life Memberships are also available for Voting Members ($250) and Associate Members ($100).

The gas division produces its own newsletter for the membership as a part of your dues. We invite everyone who has an interest to join the group.