Stories About Flying Gas Balloons

GasDivLogoWhat is it like to fly in a gas balloon?  These articles will share some of the fun of gas ballooning.

  • Flying A Gas Balloon

    Jan 22 2015
    Perhaps the most thrilling of all aeronautic sports is free ballooning. The feeling one has, as the earth rapidly drops away from the ascending balloon, is one that cannot be described in words. The earth becomes a ...
  • Important Dates in Gas Ballooning History

    Jan 22 2007
    1783 -- The first gas balloon flight was accomplished: Jacques A.C. Charles a French professor of philosophy who had been experimenting with the recently discovered hydrogen gas for applications with balloon flight....
  • Types of Gas Balloon Landings

    Jan 22 2006
    The following is an excerpt from: Flying - The memoirs of Emilio Herrera. "During this period I made numerous balloon ascents (about seventy), some "Comfortable" (without overturning the basket", some "Good" (overt...