Gas Division Officers

gas2The Gas Division Board of Directors is made up of 6 members and a liaison to the BFA Board. Each director serves a 3 year term. At the annual October Board Meeting, the new board members elect the officers of the organization.

Click on a photo or name below to contact a member of the Gas Board.


  • Andy Baird Chair
    Dexter, Michigan | Term Ends 2023
    Phone: 734-426-5525
  • Noah Forden Vice Chair
    Saunderstown, Rhode Island | Term Ends 2024
  • A. J. Nels Secretary
    Smyrna, Georgia | Term Ends 2023
    Phone: 937-270-6951
  • Ken Draughn Treasurer
    Burlington, North Carolina | Term Ends 2025
    Phone: 336-260-4725
  • Sam Parks Director
    Albuquerque, New Mexico | Term Ends 2024
    Phone: 505-280-0637
  • Cheri White Director
    Austin, Texas | Term Ends 2025
    Phone: (217) 898-6717
  • Mark West BFA Board Liaison
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota | Nominated by BFA Board of Directors
    Phone: 605-321-3303