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Aug 31 2020
Gas Division By-Laws approved

In the 2020 Summer election, Gas Division members approved an updated set of By-Laws. Those updated by-laws can be viewed by "logged-in" Gas division members by clicking on the BOARD MEMBERS tab and s [ ... ]

Dec 20 2018
Gordon Bennett Qualification

The following rules will apply to Gordon Bennett Qualification as of December 2018:


3.4 Representatives to Coupe Aeronautique Gordon Bennett

The U.S. is entitled to send three teams of two p [ ... ]

Sep 27 2015
Interested in Forming A Gas Balloon Club?

Aero Club of America - NC Chapter

Aero Club of America - NC Chapter is a gas club in North Carolina formed for the purpose of Gas Balloon Flight.  The club provides shared expense, t [ ... ]

Sep 24 2010
Adding Gas Rating

What's required to get a Gas Balloon Rating?

Federal Aviation Administration regulation 61.103 states to receive a private pilot license with a balloon rating you must:

A. Be at least 16 years old f [ ... ]