Bill Murtorff

Bill Murtorff Spirit of Ballooning Award

Nominations are due by August 15

The Bill Murtorff Spirit of Ballooning Award is given to a BFA member who has contributed to youth programs or education in the sport of ballooning. Bill Murtorff was a spirited balloon enthusiast, starting in the early 1970's.

In the late 70s and early 80s he served two terms on the BFA's board and two years as the organization's president. Bill was very interested in introducing ballooning to kids, and this award is dedicated in his honor.



Award is open to all BFA members, pilots, crew and others. Nominations can be up to, but not longer than two pages long. Nominations must include name, address, years of experience in ballooning, the candidate’s contributions to youth programs/education in regard to the sport of hot air ballooning and the reason why the candidate should get the award.

Provided an acceptable candidate is nominated, award will be presented annually.


  • The period of nomination is from the Annual General Meeting until August 15th of the award year.
  • Nominations for the Award must be made by members of the BFA and are solicited from the general membership via a published notice on this website. Nominations may be sent to the Awards Chairperson via the BFA Office.
  • A committee from the Junior Balloonist program will screen candidates and make recommendations to the Awards Committee.
  • The Awards committee presents the candidate to the BFA Board for approval.
  • Persons making nominations must provide their contact information to allow the selection board to follow up during the selection process. (name, email address, mailing address and telephone number)
  • The award will be presented at the Annual General Meeting by the current BFA President unless otherwise decided by the Board

Past recipients

Year Recipient
2023 Duncan Dunavent
2021 Paul & Penny Suttle
2020 Bill Smith
2019 Ken Draughn
2018 Don Boyer and Eddie Clements
2017 Michael Shrum
2013 Kim Wooge and Adam Magee
2002 Derrick Jones
2001 Gary Rominger
2000 Neida Courtney
1999 Jim Schoo
1998 Tina Reeves