National & Regional Crew Person Awards

National and Regional Crew Persons Awards recognize outstanding crew persons who are diligent, reliable, organized, responsible, and always puts safety first.


National and Regional Crew Persons Awards are open to all BFA members, pilots, crew, and others. Nominations can be up to but no longer than one page long. Nominations must include the candidate’s name, address, years of crewing experience contributions to the sport of hot air ballooning, and the reason(s) why the candidate should receive the award.


 Nominations for the awards must be made by BFA members and are solicited from the general membership via a published notice on this website.

  • The period of nomination is from the Annual General Meeting until August 15 of the award year.
  • Nominations may be sent to your BFA Regional Director, the BFA at-large Director, or the Awards Chairperson via the BFA Office.
  • The period of nomination is from the General Meeting until the August 15th of the award year.
  • Each BFA region director will select a Regional Crew Person Award recipient from their region. Each Regional Crew Award recipient exclusively and automatically advance for consideration for the National Crew Person Award selected by the full BFA Board of Directors.

  The National Crew Person Award will be presented at the Annual General Meeting by the current BFA President unless otherwise decided by the board. Regional Crew Person Awards will be presented by each respective BFA Regional Director.

Year Recipient Region
2023 Crew Team of Laurie Spencer Western Region
2023 Shawn & Tyler Michael North Central Region
2023 Al Feustel Great Lakes Region
2023 Ken Klass Northeast Region
2023 Janet Brossett Southeast Region
2022 Michael Shane Western Region
2022 Curt & Carol Dalquist Southwest Region
2022 Sven Setterdahl Great Lakes Region
2022 Donna & Betty Green Southeast Region
2022 William "Bill" Miller Northeast Region
2022 Lonny Jeanes North Central Region
2021 Dale Axtell
2020 Gordon Schwontkowski
2019 Gary Brossett
2018 Ed DeVore
2017 Connie Thompson
2016 Jim Doerer
2016 Duncan Dunavent
2015 Dominic Padilla
2014 None awarded
2013 Rob Mullis
2012 Steve Sumner
2011 Vern Hodapp
2006 Robert Tyszka