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Membership subscription plans

Below are the current BFA membership subscription plans and pricing for new and renewing members.

 For individual members:

Annual plans - 

  • BFA Annual Member (US w/print magazine) $65
  • BFA Annual Member (digital magazine) $45
  • BFA Annual Member (Non-US w/print magazine) $75
  • BFA Annual Family Membership $30 (requires an Annual Membership for one member)
  • Junior Balloonist (ages 13 to 17) $15

Permanent plans - 

  • Life Membership $1000
  • Life Membership-Digital $625 

Annual plans for businesses and corporations - 

  • Corporate Sponsorship $250
  • Business Associate Membership $65

Add-on memberships for individuals (an annual or permanent Subscription is a prerequisite)

  • Add: Competition pilot (HACD task card) $55
  • Add: Competition pilot (Under 30) $35
  • Add: Competition official (HACD) $15
  • Add: Competition pilot - LIFE $550
  • Add: Competition official - LIFE $150

Add Features to Your Membership


As a member you can add features to your membership:

  • The opportunity to compete for National and International Championship teams and prizes by adding the Hot Air Competition Division
    • Regional qualifying competitions
    • US Nationals
    • US World Team
  • The opportunity to be a part of the Professional Ride Operators (PRO) Division
    • Have your ride business listed on-line
    • Participate in education specifically dedicated to ride operations
  • The opportunity to interact and participate with balloonists in the Gas Division
    • Compete for America's Challenge & Gordon Bennett
    • Gas Ballooning e-newsletter

Membership Supports Our Initiatives

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Your membership in the BFA supports:

  • BFA Youth Programs and Junior Balloonist Camps
  • Liaison efforts with the FAA and NTSB
  • Educational programs for pilots and crew
  • Keeping a repository of ballooning history
  • Maintaining a common calendar of ballooning events
  • Educating the general public regarding ballooning
  • Safety training
  • A series of awards for persons who have contributed to ballooning
  • Providing access to resources for balloonists


BFA Members are key to growing

the sport of ballooning!

Get Involved (Full Version for menu tab - not front page)

Get Involved In The BFA!

Gen600x4The BFA has several divisions established to support the ballooning community.


Hot Air Competition Division

If you are interested in the competitive side of the sport, the HACD is for you. From establishing rules and regulations, keeping score on a National level, and supporting the qualifying USA world pilots, the HACD is a very active part of the BFA. Click here for to link to the competition division.


Commercial Ride Operators

New to the BFA is the Professional Ride Operators Division (PRO). If you are looking to take a ride, or are a commercial balloon pilot looking for more exposure for your business, click here to go directly to their site.    PRO members all agree to a code of ethics in regards to safety and business operations.


Gas Division

The BFA Gas Division is involved in the sport of flying balloons usually filled with helium or hydrogen. This division manages the qualification processes for national and world gas competitions. Click here for to link to the gas division.

Junior Balloonists

"The Future of Ballooning" is no more apparent than getting youth involved in ballooning. The BFA's Junior Balloonist Division is dedicated to connecting kids with balloon pilots. Through education, summer camps, training, and mentorship, the division provides youth the ability to discover and grow in the sport of ballooning. Click here to go directly to their site.

Ballooning Clubs

The best way to get involved locally is to join a club. Clubs connect pilots and crew, and often organize fun flights and outings. Click here for our list of ballooning clubs.